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Hydro-chemical data for NPEO 2010

Point of Contact:Kelly Falkner
Description:This data set includes bottle chemical data and in-situ sensor profiles. Please refer to previous years for analytical procedures for Niskin bottle data. Alkalinity and barium are forthcoming in early 2011. The in-situ chemical sensor profiling was conducted with a Satlantic In Situ Ultraviolet Spectroscopy (ISUS) nitrate sensor that was on the same pumped sample stream as an SBE43 oxygen (O2) sensor and the SBE19+ conductivity temperature depth (CTD). All of these data streams have been merged for the purposes of serving the nitrate data in 1-m bins. See the Read-Me file for details of the data processing.
Progress:Completed - Dataset fully collected/analyzed.
Time Coverage:Apr 21, 2010 - Apr 25, 2010
Northernmost Latitude:90
Southernmost Latitude:84
Westernmost Longitude:-180
Easternmost Longitude:180
Topic:Ocean and Sea Ice
Science Keywords:Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Ocean Tracers
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Trace Elements
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Silicate
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Stable Isotopes
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Oxygen
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Nitrate
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Nutrients
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Nitrite
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Phosphate
Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Alkalinity
ISO Topic(s):oceans
Time Frequency(ies):Annual
Location(s):Arctic Ocean
Resolution(s):Less than 1 Meter
Data Type(s):Station
Platform(s):Drifting Ice Camp
Instrument(s):Profilers/Sounders > CTD > Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth)
Samplers > Bottles/Flasks/Jars > NISKIN BOTTLES
Chemical Meters/Analyzers > OXYGEN ANALYZERS
Samplers > Bottles/Flasks/Jars > WATER BOTTLES
Data Format(s):Other ASCII
Date Created:2010-12-28 10:38:06
Date Last Updated:2015-02-05 10:49:56
Data Center:Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service
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